US telecom industry from 2010 to 2015 – A research by Axvoice

The U.S. telecom industry has been fast changing owing to the technological advancements. This research conducted by Axvoice looks at the U.S. telecom industry from years 2010 to 2015 and the different factors that are affecting it over this period of time. This research aims to provide a generic overview of the projections for the […]

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How to configure Sipdroid on any android phone for Axvoice

Many people ask us, can Axvoice run on an android phone? The answer is resonating YES! Each android phone’s basic functionality at the core is the same and there aren’t any differences to take note of. There are many SIP applications that run on your android phone for providing you the voip phone service facility right […]

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VoIP Fax – How to improve the quality?

Faxing with VoIP has been a mystery that few VoIP phone service experts have so far been successfully able to unbundle. VoIP fax has always been guilty of not providing the quality fax results that are needed by the business world. This one single thing has been turned against VoIP phone service by the landline […]

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Cell Phones Vs Internet Phone – A Comparison Of The Two Types Of Phone Services

Internet phone service has always been the choice of the smart landline phone users. Now a day, a new trend of using internet phone on the mobiles is on the boom. There are many benefits that internet phone offers, which are not offered by the cell phone service providers. Let us look at how internet […]

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Benefits of Using VoIP in Businesses

Businesses are always up for making their ventures more profitable and less costly to operate. One way of achieving that is switching the technology for a particular process and save money. Businesses have been using VoIP for many years now and each day many new entrepreneurs are embracing this technology for the benefits that it […]

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Axvoice – Choice Of Smart Voip Service Users

I am a technology hobbyist and one of my most favorite ways of passing time is reviewing different products and services related to technology. I have been associated with reviewing technology for many years. VoIP phone service is one of my favorite topics as I love this technology, which frees you off all the heavy […]

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Good VS Average VoIP service

Have you ever wondered what differentiates various VoIP services out there? Today, we will be having a check on the different factors that separate these two types of internet phone services. Let us begin our comparison. Quality and Reliability Many internet phone users think that all VoIP services offer the same voice quality when it […]

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Why to go for dedicated VoIP services?

There are many different VoIP service options available out there. However, some people still believe they don’t need to get themselves the dedicated VoIP services. Let us discuss the reasons why dedicated VoIP service is the only type of phone service that will deliver the true phone solutions for all your phone requirements. Free VoIP […]

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How To Judge The Reliability Of A Phone Service?

Ever wondered what a good VoIP phone service will be like? There are so many VoIP providers with big claims and flashy advertisements. This all makes choosing the right phone service a lot more difficult. Here is a simple step-by-step guide, which can get you just the right service that you have always been looking […]

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Usual Problems Faced By A Voip User

The life of an average phone user can become difficult when he or she is having trouble with the phone service. The same can happen to a VoIP service user as well. Today, we are going to have a look at the common problems that are faced by the usual internet phone subscriber. Faulty VoIP […]

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